The Case of The Purloined Picasso – a Nick and Norton mystery

This is Dorothy’s first book. It will be published on May 15th, 2017. Currently, it is only available as a Kindle ebook. You can buy your copy here.

Nick and Norton, SF art gallery owners and men about town, are pulled in to solve the mystery of a purloined Picasso painting. Norton’s sister has been accused of stealing the painting from her estranged husband. Nick and Norton know that she couldn’t have done it. The suspects range from a jealous painter, to a sleazy art dealer, to a security consultant with a disreputable past.

Nick Callas and Norton Lathrop, noted gay couple in San Francisco society, own and operate a San Francisco art gallery. Using their contacts in high and low places, along with their military intelligence experience, they investigate the theft of a noted Picasso painting they sold to the victim.

Taking place in the San Francisco art world, the quick paced story is an homage – with a gay twist – to Dashiell Hammett’s Thin Man novel and the popular series of movies from the ‘30s and ‘40s. Nick and Norton’s investigation takes them from suburban strip malls to run down rural estates. They won’t rest until Norton’s sister is exonerated.