The Purloined Picasso Is Published!

The Case of The Purloined Picasso is the first book in a planned series featuring Nick and Norton, noted men about town in San Francisco.

I am sooo excited! Today is the day. Today is the day that The Case of The Purloined Picasso is officially published. I am so excited to see Nick and Norton out in the world! All I can do at this point is hope that readers find them and embrace them. There is only so much an author can do after the book is published. (An believe me, I’m doing all that I can.) But at some point, a book is like a child that has grown up. Like a grown child, a book has to find it’s own way in the world. The author can only hope they make friends and are successful.

The second book in the series, it doesn’t even have a working title yet, is already underway. In the next book, Nick and Norton will face murder at an auto auction!




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