Hello world!

My name is Dorothy Ackroyd and I write mysteries. I write what they call “cozy” mysteries, those tales of murder and mayhem that take place in country villages or other close communities with a reoccurring cast of characters. Some of those characters you will come to love, others, you may come to love to hate.

The mysteries take place primarily in San Francisco or up in the Sierra foothills east of San Francisco. I know you may not think of San Francisco as a country village, but like most big cities, San Francisco is made up of neighborhoods that feel and function like small towns. The City is also home to many communities of people who are linked by family, fortune, or fate. These communities also function like small towns within the bigger City of San Francisco.

I look forward to introducing you to Nick and Norton, art gallery owners and occasional sleuths. And I’m sure you will enjoy the stories I have planned for Kate Brookside, my Sierra foothills mother of two, business woman, and amateur detective. These characters are smart, fun, and determined to see that wrongs are righted and justice is done.



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